Last week marked the first week of November. For me this meant travelling to Lisbon to attend the “House of Beautiful Business”. I had already been a House resident in the past two years and became addicted to it. Hence, this year’s House19 was my third experience of such kind. The House-kick is very special and deeply transformative on an emotional, intellectual and visceral level. One thing is for sure: You will leave the House as a different person.

This year’s House theme was called “The Battle for Beautiful Business”. Over 5 days I got to choose from a multi-facetted mix of controversial and inspirational talks, tech experiences, intriguing workshops and exercises, fun games, joint sports activities, spirituality, arts, music, performances and food culture while bathing in an atmosphere of human warmth and true connection. It comes as no surprise that the organization which stages this future-leading event every year is called The Business Romantic Society. Once again founders Tim and Till with the help of communication specialist Monika and an entire team of staff and volunteers staged a mind-blowing and energizing gathering for people who want to make the world a more human place and treat mother nature with love and respect.

House residents come from all walks of life. They are entrepreneurs, coaches, professors, employees of global corporations, artists, writers, philosophers, athletes, spiritual teachers and everything in between. What unites this group is desire to evolve and grow together, learn from each other and to make a difference towards a bright new world. All of them are change makers and shakers in their own discipline. I always feel physically lighter at the House – like I am more wave than particle. It is strangely beautiful euphoria. From Dain Heer of Access Consciousness I once heard the phrase: “The truth always makes you feel lighter”. I must have heard and experienced many truths on all levels at House19 considering the lightness of being which I have experienced there. For me every year at the House feels like a collective high vibrational conscious love bubble. And if this is what the future will be like I have no problem with it. Also, serendipity is basically inevitable at the House. You cannot escape it. Serendipity basically comes flying at you all the time. Somewhat exhausted from these intense 5 days, yet recharged on a deep level and still feeling very light I have arrived back in Berlin.

I would like to express my deep gratitude to Tim, Till, Monika, the House Team and all the residents which made the House19!

And next year we will do it all over again … and I already look forward to it!