More and more businesses, big or small, old or young, local or global, start asking these questions. The UN has launched 17 sustainable development goals in 2015. Today we observe that politics and NGOs cannot solve these problems alone by 2030.

It is time for the private sector to take action and drive positive impact globally. Entrepreneurs and business owners are starting to take on responsibility for sustainable development and dignified life on this planet. This is grounded in the rising of the collective consciousness level.

These questions are at the heart of Purenessity.


Do historic definitions of business and money still hold true or do they need to be challenged and redefined?


What do GenZ, Millennials and the following consumer generations expect from a product and a brand?


How can a business create purpose, abundance and dignity for all of its stakeholders, society and planet Earth?


What is the role of a business in the 21st century?


How can the private sector drive positive change in the world?


The questions of purpose and existence are as old as humanity itself. Why do we exist? Why do businesses exist? Why do other parts of society like politics and non-profit organisations exist Throughout history countless different answers have been given and developed over time – in the contexts of religion, political and social systems, science and economics. Purpose is an evolving concept which is directly linked to the education level and consciousness development of humankind.


Businesses exist worldwide in all sizes, in all forms and in all sectors. They form the global economy. There is an estimated number of 300 mill businesses on planet Earth today. The world of business is probably the most impactful sector to shape life in the world today. The range of businesses is huge. It goes from small businesses in developing countries funded by microloans over family businesses and startups to the big global brands and blue chip companies which are publicly traded at international stock exchanges. One thing all businesses have in common is a business goal. Value creation is geared towards this business goal.


Dignity is a rich and beautiful concept – exactly how life on planet Earth should be for all beings. Dignity combines the qualities of beauty, truth, freedom, peace and the divine unfolding of life. The 17 UN sustainable development goals provide a comprehensive foundation to work towards dignified life globally. Deep reflection, challenging conventions and ingrained thinking patterns are at the core of the educational and consciousness development process which drives sustainable development. Do you want to be part of this global change process?


So, what is your personal purpose? What is your business’ purpose?


How do your business goals fit your personal and business’ purpose?


Are you willing to transform your business in order to act in line with its true purpose and to therefore foster dignified life?


“walking the talk”

The operational business model is guiding businesses through a transformational process based on the 17 UN sustainable development goals for more dignity on earth.

Business Transformation for Integrated Value Creation


In terms of financial output, 33% of the annual profit will go to UNHCR (11%), Greenpeace Save the Arctic (11%) and GDI Uganda (11%).

UNHCR (11%)

Greenpeace Save the Arctic (11%)

GDI Uganda (11%)