Purpose-charge your Business

Purenessity helps purpose-charge your business and build future love brands. New generation consumers demand complete transparency and a significant contribution to a greater purpose from brands in addition to stellar products and services. We guide you on your transformative journey from a traditional to a purpose-driven business and future love brand.

Digital Transformation

We transform companies to be successful in the digital age. New technologies which enable new business models have arisen and are continuously arising. Today work can be organized in better ways between humans and machines to realize highest results in the areas of innovation and efficiency. We guide you on your digital transformation journey to be successful in the new business world.

Go Global

We take companies to new markets. We live in a small world today. Ever increasing global business connections open a truly global marketplace. We analyze which new markets are most lucrative for your business, advise on cultural and administrative aspects and guide you through the entire market entry process.

Business Consulting services from Purenessity

Transforming businesses with focus on purpose-driven brand building.

With over 20 years of experience in shaping international brands, we find winning solutions for your business in the 21st century.


The young generations, Millennials and GenZ, are adapting new paradigms as they reject short-sighted selfish behaviour and have a strong interest in a sustainable and dignified long-term development.

old paradigm new paradigm
if there is a winner, there is a loserall stakeholders can win
consumers and clients do not careconsumers and clients demand it
scarcity - “not enough”abundance - “there is enough”
infantile “me now!”mature “us in the long run”
business cannot afford thisbusiness thrives even more financially